Client Testimonials

Liz helped me with oversupply and clogged duct issues that were associated with my son’s tongue tie. Her visit was very calming and informative and she developed a plan for me to be able to reduce my need to pump (which was after every feed and even at times when my son wasn’t needing to eat). She’s been very helpful via email as well, although know that it can take time for her to respond by email. This wasn’t a problem for me and her approach and guidance were worth it. I’ve worked with some other lactation consultants that seemed so rushed that I never felt like I had their full attention. Liz gives you her full attention and really listens and takes the time to craft useful responses in person and in subsequent phone/email conversations.
— Liz K.
Liz is such an amazing person! She gave me guidance in such a emotionally draining time. She was able to see what the problems were and had a solution. Thank you so much Liz!
— Ali K
I have nothing but great things to say about Liz and her consultation! She was super quick to respond to my email and schedule an in home visit. She is very professional and made me feel comfortable and at ease even with all the breastfeeding frustrations I was having! I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking help with breastfeeding and pumping!
— Lindsay G.
I am currently working with Liz - I reached out to her when my daughter was only a week and a couple days old due to discomfort breastfeeding, and her expertise and experience have put us in contact with several professionals who are working together to solve our feeding issues. Liz is responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to at a vulnerable time. She truly wants the best outcome for you, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
— Caitlan W.
I consulted with Liz in preparation for my return to work- she was wonderful. She answered all my questions and tailored her answers to my family and our situation. Liz was patient and kind- I highly recommend her.

— Hannah W.

She’s absolutely amazing! So easy to talk to and so gifted at her trade.

— Lindsey H.

Liz has been extremely helpful and supportive!!! She gave me great advice and was able to see that our LO probably was tongue and lip tied when our ped and lactation consultants from our hospital said she was not! Liz recommended a great pediatric dentist and yes, our LO clearly needed to have the procedures done. After our first in person visit, Liz helped out with over the phone questions and texts, letting me know that another in person visit was not valuable use of our time and money until we explored a few more items!!! I really appreciated this!!! Things are getting better and better, thanks to Liz!!! :-)

— Karen W.

Couldn’t be happier with Liz’s services. I am a new mom and felt 100% unprepared for breastfeeding despite all the prenatal classes and a few visits from the Lactation nurses in the hospital. I was at my wits end, had mastitis, and considered giving up quite a few times, when I finally was referred to Liz.
She was reassuring and not pushy at all. Her advice was sound and most of all she was positive and encouraging. She sat and answered every one of our questions. Her assessment was thorough from baby to breast to pump. Liz is what all new breastfeeding moms need in these early days!
— Katie G.
I’m a first time mother and my son was born at 37 weeks and was in the Nicu for three days. While my son was in the Nicu he was giving formula . I was very determined to breastfeed my son. While in the hospital I wasn’t given the opportunity to meet with a lactation consultant. Within days of being home I noticed that my supply was not what i thought it should be so I contacted Liz. I called Liz on a Sunday and she was at my home on a Tuesday. She was informative and encouraging. It was a breath of fresh air knowing that everything I was feeling was normal. She is always available and I really like that. If I have any questions I know she is just a text away. My son, Maddox,and I are still going strong on breastfeeding. There are good latch days and some not so much, but i know if keep trying it will work out. After Liz left I felt so much relief. I will highly recommend Liz to any breastfeeding mother! Thank you
— April F.

Liz is simply put... AMAZING!! After weeks and weeks of nothing but pain and sores I called Liz as my last resort before just giving up on breast feeding. She was very professional, kind, caring and patient! She loves what she does and it shows through how she genuinely cares and is concerned for you and the baby. I can’t thank her enough! She’s very personable to the point I felt like I’ve known her forever! I wish I would have called her much sooner! I will continue to use her if problems arise!

— Aleah S.

Liz was SO helpful! She showed me numerous tricks, helped me get more comfortable!! I was so close to giving up on breastfeeding but I’m glad I reached out to Liz and stuck with her advice. Couldn’t recommend her more!!

— Alicia T.

Liz’s kind, gentle, and professional presence was great! She had several tricks and suggestions, and provided the reassurance I needed.

— Jenny H.

Awesome experience! I feel so much better about breast feeding now.

— Cody L.

Liz is the best and I would recommend her to anyone having problems breastfeeding. I contacted her right after my child was born because we were having problems, and she was able to fit me in the next day. My son had a tongue tie, and she put me in contact with the best pediatric dentist and told me what to do to manage until we could be seen. Breastfeeding is incredibly challenging and I would not have been as successful the first few weeks without her. Everyone needs breastfeeding support, and Liz is a great person to go to.

— Kathleen J.

We contacted Liz for an in-home consultation after our son had a lip and tongue tie revision. From her quick response time to our consultation, Liz has been wonderful! She is so kind, compassionate, and professional in her nature. Not only did she answer all of my many questions I had being a first-time mom, she gave me many helpful tips and pointers. Since our consultation, feeding has improved dramatically in every way. I can’t say enough great things about Liz and would recommend her to anyone seeking help with breastfeeding!

— Molly E.

I had a wonderful and productive in-home consultation with Liz. My main goal had been to stop using a nipple shield. Liz gave me some great tips; it has been six days since her visit and we haven’t used it once! She even gave me some unrelated advice on helping my baby poop, which was equally as successful. I’ll definitely reach out to her again if and when we need more breastfeeding help.

— Ann I.

Liz is fantastic! She responded to my email quickly and was available as soon as I needed. She was very warm and kind and made me feel comfortable and confident as I learned how best to use my pump, and she had lots of great tips that have helped me get enough milk to keep my baby growing big as I head back to work. Absolutely recommend her services!

— Rheanne W.

I consulted with Liz to prepare for my return to work. She came to our home and even gave our dog a little love too! Liz answered all of my questions with warmth and respect. She truly helped ease my concerns. I appreciated her patience and would highly recommend her!

— Hannah C.

Liz is wonderful! Can’t say enough wonderful things about her, her knowledge and bedside manner. She was extremely helpful after In the days and months after I delivered my son.

— Yelona S.